Improve Your Circulation in Northfield, NJ

Explore the benefits of using compression products

Whether you're an athlete, restaurant worker, nurse, casino employee, chef or a person who has pre-existing venous disease aka: varicose veins, venous leg ulcers, history of DVT (deep venous thrombosis), or Lymphedema you can benefit with compression stockings, socks or a lymphedema garment. Compression garments can improve blood flow, reduce fatigue in your legs while at work, prevent venous disease complications, and or improve athletic ability during exercise.

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When should you wear compression products?

  • Persons that have been diagnosed with Venous Disease (Post Blood Clot, Venous Insufficiency, Varicosities) and Lymphedema
  • Anyone who is on their feet all day at work
  • Athletes and Exercise Enthusiasts
  • Maternity / Pregnancy
  • Travel (Trains, Planes, automobiles)
  • After Surgical procedures

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**Certain Compression Products require a physician order / prescription