Your Urostomy Doesn't Have to Hold You Back

Get back to your life in Northfield, NJ with top-of-the-line urological and ostomy supplies

Having a urostomy or other similar procedure can be a life-changing experience. Your condition may call for a wide range of urological supplies. Luckily, with help from Atlantic Medical Supply of Northfield, NJ, you can find the supplies you need to live your best life again. From single-use items to in-home equipment, you can find the ostomy supplies you need right here.

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Atlantic Medical Supply Has a Full Inventory Available For Your Ostomy and Urological Needs. Medicare Covers Most All Ostomy and Urological Supplies By Physican Order/ RX

Ostomy Products may be needed short or long term. Rest assure with our professional staff of nurses and customer service representatives can fulfill your needs. :

  • Colostomy-A redirecting of the large intestine.
  • Ileostomy-A redirecting of the small intestine.
  • Urostomy-A redirecting of the urethra.

Are you preparing for a colon or urological procedure in the Northfield, NJ area or you may be a long-term user that needs efficient service? We can ship anywhere in the US.

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